My Day by Eleanor Roosevelt

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WASHINGTON, Wednesday—I lunched yesterday with Mrs. Garner. Her party is always a success, for it is the first of the Senate ladies luncheons, which take place every Tuesday in the Senate Office Building for the rest of the season. This first occasion means a welcome to wives of new members and a greeting to old friends and is always a most congenial party. With half an hour to spare afterward I dropped in at the Corcoran Art Gallery to see the exhibition of the Washington Water Color Club.

Eliot O'Hara has a picture of sea gulls which I think I would like to own and there was one of elephants being watered which I could hardly resist buying, though I am ashamed to say I don't remember who painted it. I also looked at an exhibition of water colors by Alice Acheson. These paintings have much freedom of execution and vivid color, and formed a record of a variety of places. I was much interested also to see in the upper corridor, the originals of two small statues by the sculptor, Adolph A. Weinman, which stand on a table in the upper floor of the White House. I have always enjoyed the replicas, but I think the originals are even lovlier.

Back to the White House to spend a little time with a group of farm leaders who plan to discuss rural youth problems some time this spring. Then the pleasure of receiving the new young Minister from Holland and his lovely wife.

Later, our house guests for last night's dinner to the Vice President gathered in the west hall for tea and a chat. I had not seen Mrs. Joseph T. Robinson for a long time and I am sure it must be pleasant for her to see how happy her old friends are to greet her again. Mr. and Mrs. Albert Cotsworth Jr., of Chicago, and Mr. and Mrs. Fulton Oursler, of New York, were with us also. The concert after the dinner was planned entirely with artists from our sister republics.

Senor Alfredo de St. Malo, violinist, is a native of Panama and delighted everyone with his playing. Senorita Magdalena Mendes Cajado is a niece of Dr. de Barros, President of the State of Sao Paulo in Brazil. Her rendering of folk songs was charming and she was so young and looked so sweet that I think everyone was captivated by her. Then Senor Julio Martinez Oyanguren played on his guitar for the Vice President, who has a little weakness for that instrument. Finally a charming couple, Senor Ricardo Romero and his wife, a dancer known as "Sarita," amused and pleased everybody with their combination of music and dancing. This completely Pan American evening was a joy to us all.