My Day by Eleanor Roosevelt

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HYDE PARK, Friday—The dock was a warm spot yesterday afternoon when we saw my husband go on board the "Potomac," but he sat himself down on the upper deck, looking so blissful at getting off, that I decided they wouldn't even notice the heat! Of course, when they got under way there would be a breeze and the upperdeck which has no awning would be a wonderful place from which to see the Highlands of the Hudson. My husband was telling Mr. Harry Hopkins that he would have to stay awake for that sight at least, as Mr. Hopkins had never seen the Highlands from the water.

Apparently much of Mr. Hopkins' time on the boat is spent in sleeping which I think is a good way to spend one's time on a cruise! James cheerfully said they would probably have very rough weather, but everyone responded that they had no objections. They were prepared for any kind of cruising! My husband said: "All the plasters will be put on when we begin to roll." an allusion to a former cruise when the poorer sailors tried this as a remedy against sea sickness. I have often wished that my husband and James were not such good sailors, but I can remember the day when James was far from a good sailor, and so I know that it is something which you can conquer and he has a perfect right to tease the rest of us!

Mrs. Scheider and I had been shopping in Poughkeepsie, so we joined the procession going down to the dock and had to wait for them for a short time. All the neighborhood, at least the youthful element, came to look at the car and wonder just what we were doing, drawn up to the curb chatting together. Finally a policeman came along to tell us the other cars were going down another street and we followed him. Quite an excitement for the young fry! Of course, when we met the others, I had to turn around, and I stalled my car and did all the things you don't want to do, but which you always seem to do when anyone is watching. When everyone was on board, we came back and went in swimming, feeling that the only really comfortable spot in the world was the pool!

Somehow or other as long as you are doing things you can stand the heat, but the minute you stop and begin to think about it, it seems unbearable.

I felt as though I had gone back to the middle ages when I saw a headline in the paper this morning that a parley had been called on "piracy." We think we have gone so far away from the things that happened in the past, but one headline like that makes you feel that we are all very much as we used to be!

TMsd 3 September 1937, AERP, FDRL