My Day by Eleanor Roosevelt

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WASHINGTON, Sunday—Yesterday was an exciting day at the White House! The President was getting home and that means everybody is on their toes, getting everything ready for his return. Bill and I went down to the train to meet him, and I am afraid Bill was more interested in whether the train would be a "puff-puff" than in the fact that he was going to see his grandfather whom he had not seen for some time! When the train finally came in he was much excited at going on board, but still wished to be taken up to actually examine the engine! I had to impress on him that we could not keep his grandfather waiting. Sara came down too, to meet her mother and we all drove up from the station together.

Without even waiting for a few minutes conversation the President plunged into meetings of all kinds as soon as he reached the White House. I felt a little guilty at being carefree enough to go off and take my first ride in three weeks, but it was grand to be out on the bridle path again, and I really think my horse recognized my voice and was pleased to have me back.

In the afternoon some friends arrived to spend Easter with us. Miss Helen Reynolds from Poughkeepsie, to go over some historical records with the President; Mr. and Mrs. William Dana and Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Adolphe from Bear Mountain, New York.

Mr. and Mrs. Julian Bryan brought down their pictures of Turkey and the latest "March of Time" which includes in brief some of the pictures which they showed us at great length. These Turkish pictures are extraordinarily interesting in that they show what has been done in a very few years to change a country which had remained apparently untouched by modern ways or machinery, into a mechanized nation. Let us hope that it will mean greater happiness for the people. They certainly seem to have taken to modern clothes and modern buildings with extreme rapidity.

Mr. Bryan seems to me to be making through his pictures and his talks, a real contribution to world understanding, and that I think is one of the great contributions that can be made to the future peace of the world. I hope he will bring certain things in our country before us through his pictures and talks, just as he does foreign scenes and peoples. Sometimes I think we need in a country as big as ours interpretations of ourselves to each other!

Mrs. Scheider and I as usual attended the Knights Templar Easter Sunrise Memorial Service at the Arlington National Cemetery at seven-thirty this morning. Perhaps you thought that this was spring in Washington, but I can assure you that winter is still with us and we needed two robes from the car to keep us warm. The minister even requested all the gentlemen to keep their hats on because the wind was blowing lustily around us! It was a well attended service however, and the placing of the Cross of lillies on the unknown soldier's tomb is always touching and beautiful.

Our coffee was very welcome on our return. The President and I will have Mrs. James Roosevelt, Jr., and Bill and Sara in church with us today.

TMsd 28 March 1937, AERP, FDRL