My Day by Eleanor Roosevelt

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WASHINGTON—This morning I saw a really thrilling exhibition of the art work being done in the Treasury Department. This includes murals for post offices and public buildings of every kind; water colors illustrative of some of the work which has been done by the government. One group shows various types of work in CCC Camps; another group of very colorful work done in the Virgin Islands and in Key West, Florida. Some very beautiful screens will do to the State Department and to our embassies some batik work designed by some of the artists and carried out under the supervision of Miss Grace Latimer Wright, are for decoration in some buildings. Sculptures for various postoffices, housing projects and other public buildings, some of them done by men whose names are already famous and in other cases by new sculptors who have been discovered and developed. There is also a beautiful copy of a colonial mirror.

In all these different lines new artists are being encouraged as well as men with established reputations. Many of these artists are giving their original drawings and preliminary studies to the Treasury Department and it is going to be possible to send out exhibitions throughout the country which will serve as an inspiration to artists and an education to the communities in which they are shown. Twenty-four states have already had such exhibits and ninety exhibits are already asked for in the next few months.

It is rather thrilling to feel that the government for the first time in its history is actually giving consideration to things which will make living richer for all of us.

Perhaps the day will come when artists as a whole whether they are painters, sculptors, musicians, actors, or singers may look not for appreciation and assistance from individual patrons or foundations which some rich and cultured individual has established, but may actually feel that the government which is really the people as a whole is the place to turn for assistance and understanding

My brother dined with me last night and I divided my evening between my desk and finishing touches in the Christmas closet upstairs. There is still work to be done but I don't feel as swamped as I usually do at this time of the year.

The annual lunch was given today in honor of the wives of the members of the Supreme Court and I received the Belgian Ambassadress to bid her goodbye as she is about to go on a trip to South America with her husband, and also the Senora Dona Isabel de Talencia, who was introduced by the Spanish Ambassador as a well known writer.

Then from four to six, two teas and Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Davies who are here for a short time before leaving for their diplomatic post in Russia, came to call. After dinner I expect to go to the train to meet my husband and my son.

TMsd 15 December 1936, AERP, FDRL