My Day by Eleanor Roosevelt

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HYDE PARKSunday—There is nothing like revisiting the haunts of one's childhood to bring back floods of memories. Yesterday I drove to Tivoli, N.Y. past Claremont, built in 1730 by Chancellor Livingston. We went to see the house built by my grandfather Hall on land which was part of the Livingston grant. Here I spent summer after summer when I was a child.

I used to visit my grandmother with my mother and little brothers, and later the house became our real home when my grandmather took charge after my mother's ddath. Every time I go back there are many changes, but I can still see the old place as it was when I lived there. I people it again with all of us as we were then, easily casting aside forty odd years of time.

There are sad memories as well as happy ones, but I shall never know any place, or any house as well as I know that one. Though it must be sold and will pass into other hands, I hope I shall be able to keep a few things near me which will always vividly bring before me ghosts of past days.

We spent a quiet evening. The President had to work and so the rest of us read the papers with more than usual care. I began a new book, "Time Out of Mind" by Rachel Field, which kept me reading until mignight.

It rained again this morning and I did not try to ride early, but the President and I went to church. We had a substitute minister as Mr. Wilson has gone to Campobello Island to my mother-in-law's for a two weeks vacation. We were home at 12:15, at which time the President had agreed to meet a group of women representing various peace organizations to discuss the peace mandate. They stayed with him till 1:00 o'clock and seemed to have a very satisfactory discussion.

Just as I was bidding them goodbye a car drove up with five young people, one of them the President of the National Students Federation. They had lost their way, run out of gas and were therefore too late to do anything more than to come in and meet the President and have afew minutes chat.

At 2:00 o'clock a group of Boy Scouts from back in Dutchess County came to receive a rose bush from me, which they are sending to the Techwood Project in Georgia where it will be planted on the opening day.

The sun is out at last and we are about to go in for a swim. Tonight the President leaves for Washington preparatory to leaving on Tuesday for the drought area.

E. R.