My Day by Eleanor Roosevelt

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NEW YORK—I went up to the Women's Division in the National Democratic Headquarters today just for the fun of seeing someone else do the organizing and preparation for a campaign. There have been Democratic national and state campaigns for many years in which I have attended to the details of organization. So that particular kind of work is interesting to me and it is fun to see the heads of the different departments marshalling their forces.

I went from there to talk over the things which are good and bad in this column which I write for you, dear readers, every day. It is a grand thing to get advice and criticism of people who really want to make more useful such things as any of us poor scribes write for the general public. There is just one bit of cheer, however, no matter how much we improve, everyone will never be pleased and therefore we may hope that everyone will never be displeased either.

My daughter and son-in-law and I went to lunch together and for the first time I had time enough to really chat about the one exciting piece of family news, a new grandson born last night and who will be named Elliott Roosevelt, Jr.

Every child in a family is a link with the future, and starts your imagination wandering down the aisles of possible developments. What will the world be like when this baby is old enough to earn his living, to take up his responsibilities? It makes one want to live to see the future and at the same time it is the kind of hostage which makes one more willing to lay down one's arms!

After lunch I came back to the office to see a Miss Mabel Evans gray-haired teacher with fire still in her eyes, bent upon starting a school to educate adults based on the laboratory theory that you must learn by doing. She feels all the effort to prevent crime is wasted until we really show mothers in practice homes how to build character in their children.

TMsd 15 July 1936, AERP, FDRL