My Day by Eleanor Roosevelt

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WASHINGTON—We left the "Potomac" this morning at nine-thirty and I had time at the house for only a hasty glance at the mail before I started off to see some of the women's WPA projects in the District. The case load in the District is still pretty heavy, particularly amongst the colored women. I rather imagine this is due to the fact that when hard times came a few years ago in some of the rural districts, Washington was the nearest city and they came here feeling sure they would find work to do and many of them have found nothing but relief. One perfectly splendid sewing room, which gives work to nineteen hundred women in two shifts is located in an old church and I think shows the ingenuity of women. Space in the District was practically impossible to find, and this old church for which they pay no rent as the land belongs to the City, has become a really very adequate sewing room.

What interests me most is the people who are carrying out these programs. I have had an opportunity to meet them clear across the Continent and their enthusiasm and their belief in their work is something really fine to see. It is not the kind of spirit you will find in people who are working just because they make so much money at the end of the week. There is a fire in them, fed I think, by the feeling that they are really working for better conditions for their fellow human beings.

A few friends for lunch, and a visit to the Resettlement Division's special skills department, a most interesting branch of their big program. From them came my portfolio of photographs which will in the future, I think, be a record of American citizens in different parts of the country and what they have done with the help of their government to pull themselves out of impossible conditions.

I have just had a brief call from the National Democratic Committee-woman from Colorado. Mrs. Hilliard, bearing an invitation from The Jane Jefferson Democratic Club to come to Colorado with my husband. Several other appointments and a quiet evening before I leave at midnight for Arthurdale.

TMsd 6 July 1936, AERP, FDRL