My Day by Eleanor Roosevelt

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WASHINGTON—I left the peace and quiet of the country yesterday afternoon and took a train for New York. On the train a young woman, who is a Reuters correspondent in China, and who was on her way back there, came up to speak to me. She expressed her regret that she had not been able to be at a press conference or have an interview. I told her that I was "off the record," and in any case not giving individual interviews. She was very kind and considerate. We got off in New York and dashed for a taxi cab with our bags. Pantingly the same young woman followed and murmured to me: "I had almost forgotten how wonderful it is to be back in the United States until I saw you travelling." Rather a sweet tribute to the individual liberty allowed even the wives of our hard working public officials!

The midnight train to Washington, a brief chat with my husband this morning and longer than I should have spent over the newspapers. In periods such as these, the papers are always interesting from a psychological point of view. Everyone is writing and doing something spectacular to bring themselves before the public eye, even those whom we have almost forgotten because of their more or less peaceful retirement for months, coming back into view. It reminds me a little of "Bury the Dead" where no one wishes to stay buried!

Off by train to White Sulphur Springs, West Virginia, for the Chi Omega Award, given every year to a woman who has proved her ability to be of use to mankind. In this case it is richly deserved by Dr. Alice Hamilton, who holds a professorship in Harvard Medical College, which accepts an outstanding woman as a professor and rejects women students!

We get to White Sulphur at six-forty-five, and are there just for the night.

TMsd 22 June 1936, AERP, FDRL