My Day by Eleanor Roosevelt

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GRAYVILLE, Ill.—Yesterday morning Elliott and Ruth took us in their Ford and drove as all over their land, showing us the little stream which runs through their place and the big pecan trees, as well as fields and crops. It took us a good hour and a half and at twelve o'clock we started on our drive back to Fort Worth and boarded our train at twelve-thirty. Our many kind hosts were at the station to say good-bye, amongst them Mr. Amon Carter who had traded hats with my husband, giving him one of those he always gives his friends, and taking my husband's Panama!

Governor and Mrs. Allred continued with us on the train until we reached Dennison, which is only a short distance from the Oklahoma line. They were the kindest of hosts and on this trip Congressman Rayburn, whose home is in that district, was also with us.

I repacked all my bags trying to send back on the train everything I could, but finding that I still have with me far more than I should have.

At about ten-forty we stopped in a town and I had to go out on the back platform and explain that the President was in bed. I was met with great disapproval, and one irate gentleman remarked darkly: "He might need our votes."

Vincennes this morning at nine o'clock, gaily decorated and the streets again lined with people. Not as demonstrative a crowd this, as in the south, but a friendly one and a gay one. We could only stay for the first hour of the Memorial Ceremonies, and I was struck again by the gay parasols. To my amazement I saw some little ones such as my grandmother used to use when driving in her Victoria!

I went back to the train with my husband and there we departed Mrs. Scheider and I with Mrs. Helm and Mrs. Fritz of Lawrenceville, got into the car which Governor Horner had kindly placed at our disposal and proceeded to Grayville, where we lunched at the CCC Camp. Before long we will meet Mrs. Helm's friends and neighbors at tea.

TMsd 14 June 1936, AERP, FDRL