My Day by Eleanor Roosevelt

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FORT WORTH, Texas—Such a changeable day! Bright sun this morning and I never saw a prettier sight than the Stadium in the Dallas Fair Grounds. Dresses and hats of every color in summer we may see anywhere, but here we had parasols of varied hue to make the whole stadium look more like a garden of flowers in full bloom.

One incident marred the morning for me. Out in that heat stood detachments from the Army, the Navy and the Marine Corps. Suddenly I saw a boy being almost carried out by two of his comrades to a car on the side lines. I knew how badly he would feel at dropping out but I was even more afraid he might be really ill. My husband stopped long enough on the way out to ascertain that he was feeling better.

After lunch we started for Fort Worth and soon the clouds began to gather and then we had wind and quite a heavy rain! This was a great disappointment to many people, I know, but throngs still lined the sidewalks and cheered the President and I only hope no one is the worse tomorrow for a drenching! At least it is delicious and cool now.

We are about to go out to spend the night with our son, Elliott, and his wife and baby. It is rather pleasant to have family dotted around in various places for one always has an added interest in the locality where a child is living. In this case, I have seen Elliott's home before, but his father has never been here and I know Elliott will want to show him everything. Since I was here last autumn he has made certain improvements and then grandchildren do grow so rapidly I expect I will hardly know Chandler! Everyone seems to think that my husband will be too tired to really enjoy this short interlude on an official trip, but I think he really thrives on the feeling that he is seeing an improvement in conditions wherever we go. He certainly shown no signs of fatigue.

TMsd 12 June 1936, AERP, FDRL