My Day by Eleanor Roosevelt

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NEW YORK—As usual a perfect avalanche of mail to sign awaited me, and friends were with me for dinner last night so I only got started on it this morning. Then, out to do a few errands before meeting a man at the office who is preparing something for publication about Colonel Howe.

It is a strange thing how many things we do not know about the people we know best until we come to try to put them down in detail. If I were asked questions about myself of the kind I tried to answer this morning, I am afraid I would be just as stupid as I was about some of the things I should know about Colonel Howe. I doubt if I could give correctly the names and dates of births and deaths of my ancestors, even as far back as my grandfather or grandmother which is rather a shocking thing, but it shows how inaccurately we usually slide through life.

I have always known that one of my greatest faults was that I seized the main points and anything colorful about a subject and didn't really dig deep enough down to have my foundations firmly placed on facts, and for many years I have struggled to make myself do this. As I come in contact on a working basis with other people the realization is borne in on me that this is something many of us do!

I took some young people out for lunch and then spoke over the radio for the Federation of Women's Clubs. Later attended a musicale at which my granddaughter played and ended up with a trip through the Women's Exposition of Arts and Industries and a tea given to me by the National Fact Finders.

So ends an active day.

TMsd 29 May 1936, AERP, FDRL