My Day by Eleanor Roosevelt

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MILTON, Pa.—My husband left Friday night for Hyde Park and was busy trying to clear up as much mail as possible, before he left, so Mrs. Scheider and I put in an evening of work also.

Our beautiful weather is still holding and I could not help but notice how lovely were the flowering shrubs and wild roses along the River this morning. The whole path was made fragrant by them! The yellow and purple flags growing near the water's edge and around a little wooden shack which looks bleak in winter and yet which seems to be the home of a fisherman, really made that little unpainted house look attractive and dressed up.

At twelve-fifteen I attended a luncheon given by the Political Study Club at the Mayflower Hotel. The afternoon was pretty well filled with visitors on various subjects, ranging from an invitation to go to Georgia in early August to a group of Girl Scouts from Baltimore. I drove a friend to the train and then went out to Walter Reed Hospital for the annual garden party given by the Gray Ladies of the American Red Cross. Again the wheel chairs and the army boys hurt in one way or another in the line of duty.

General Pershing, whose presence always gives them all a great deal of pleasure, was there as usual and the little ceremony of cutting a large cake with a sword was gone through again. I got home in time to welcome Mr. George Foster Peabody and Mrs. Waite, and Mrs. Yvonne de Pury, whose brother has asked me to receive her.

Mr. Peabody is here for a meeting next week of the Georgia Warm Springs Foundation, and I was so happy to have this chance of seeing him. When you are with him, you feel that the task of disposing of all your worldly possessions during your lifetime is one which lends richness and interest to life. I have rarely known a more generous person, nor one with more vital human interest.

Mrs. Morgenthau and I got off this morning at nine-thirty. We took our luncheon with us and have just reached our destination for the night.

TMsd 24 May 1936, AERP, FDRL