My Day by Eleanor Roosevelt

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BALTIMORE, Wednesday—Last night Mrs. Morgenthau and I went to see "St. Joan." I often felt that parts of Bernard Shaw's play dragged, but this never happens when Katharine Cornell is on the stage. I have always admired her as an actress. Her voice has a wonderful quality and in "St. Joan" there is something about her which is best described as "a radiance."

The last scene is remarkable. I was struck by the remorse of the priest when he saw with his own eyes the suffering he had caused. "I did not know until I saw" is something which every human being should recognize as being as true today as it was when people were being tortured and burned at the stake. Only by seeing can we save ourselves the same kind of remorse that haunted the wicked, self-satisfied old priest.

Katharine Cornell does the last scene so that it leaves you with the right feeling. Without her I should feel the play was better ended before the last scene. The entire cast was far beyond the usual stage production. It was a grand evening.

I started out early this morning to call on a friend who has been ill for some time and then went up to Teachers' College at Columbia University. I saw just a little of this great graduate school.

Dean Russell showed me the murals done by some of their students for the party given every year by Dean and Mrs. Russell. This year the decorations line the hall and form a history of education. The symbolic panels over the doors are a great stimulus to the imagination, which is an attribute we should all strive to develop these days.

Mrs. Scheider and I took the 12:30 train and got off at Baltimore to attend a reception at Goucher College. We will drive back to Washington after the reception in time to greet Mr. and Mrs. George Palmer Putnam (Amelia Earhart) and dine with some friends whom we have invited.

PNews, NYWT, 14 May 1936