My Day by Eleanor Roosevelt

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After a very light dinner alone together, Mrs. Scheider and I went to the Fountain Street Baptist Church last night and as usual I was very nervous until I found myself standing up and actually speaking. The audience was quite willing to ask questions at the end of my speech and then Mr. and Mrs. McGorrill and I must have shaken hands with nearly the entire audience. It was eleven o'clock before we got back to the hotel, we changed and packed, for somehow it is easier to fold evening clothes on a bed than on a berth!

We got to bed by twelve o'clock and got off this morning in Detroit at twenty minutes before eight, changed trains and had our breakfast on the way to Toledo.

We are being blessed by very good weather and were met on arrival here by Mr. and Mrs. Carl Matson, Editor of the NEWS-BEE which is sponsoring my speech tonight, and several others. They NEWS BEE is interested in raising money for the equipment for a county tuberculosis hospital which is being built as a W.P.A. project. Mrs. Flora Himelime has taken charge of us and has been most kind and capable in making all the arrangements. The newspaper photographers and reporters were, as usual, my first guests on arrival at the very comfortable and attractive Commodore Perry Hotel. Our windows on the sixteenth floor look out over the whole city and the more I travel from one industrial center to another, the more I am impressed by the vastness and the complexity of a country such as ours.

By eleven o'clock I had met Miss Sharp, Mr. Evans, Mr. Garber and Mrs. Fishack with several other W.P.A. people who went with me to visit a number of projects.

After a very pleasant small lunch given at the hotel, the proprietor of which, by the way is Mr. Daniel J. O'Brien, formerly manager of the Mayflower in Washington, I went out again with Mr. Weiler and Miss Mayer to look at the slum clearance project which is under way in the colored district. Judging by the tin cans in the back yards, it is high time they had a clean up in this district, and I think it will have a good effect on the entire surrounding neighborhood.

Back in the hotel now and in a little while a group of teachers will call.

TMsd 10 March 1936, AERP, FDRL