My Day by Eleanor Roosevelt

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We had a very peaceful trip to Detroit. My secretary and I went into the diner and everyone was most polite and paid no attention to us! I was so sleepy after dinner that after reading for a while, I had our compartment made up and made poor Mrs. Scheider go to bed at the early hour of nine-thirty! Just as we pulled into Detroit, a young man came aboard and said the Vice President of the Pere Marquette Railroad, Mr. R. J. Bowman was going to Grand Rapids and offered his private car for our use. I demurred somewhat for fear they were making a special trip for me, but he assured me he was attaching the car to the regular train and that it was going up empty as he was going with some other officials in their car. Hence, we came to Grand Rapids in great state, with a whole private car to ourselves. After breakfast—orange juice, toast and coffee, we settled down to some work which we finished just as we pulled into Grand Rapids, at eleven o'clock.

The Rev. and Mrs. Milton McGorrill and a committee from the Fountain Baptist Church for which I am to speak, met me and we proceeded at once to the Hotel Pantlind. I saw two ladies of the press and a representative of the Toledo press and after that with Mayor Timmers we joined the committee at a very delightful luncheon.

At a quarter of three I started out to visit some WPA. projects. First the project where immunization against whooping cough is being studied. A very interesting piece of work. Mrs. Thomas McAllister, Dr. and Mrs. Paul de Kruif and Miss Murray state chairman of the women's division of the WPA were with me. Then we went to another project—a municipal garage which will be a tremendous building. The men working on it looked happy and five hundred are employed in four shifts. I was assured that this project is being supervised by the city engineers and the work was considered as good as any contract work and even though they had had to train many of the men, it was a really efficient job.

From there I came back to the hotel to receive a group of women who belong to the League of Women voters and a group of democratic women. In a few minutes I am going to see the church where I am to speak tonight. This has been a fairly active day, but a very interesting one.

TMsd 9 March 1936, AERP, FDRL