My Day by Eleanor Roosevelt

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I come to New York to get that time to think which I promised myself at the beginning of the year, but instead of the time materializing the number of people who wish to see me is so great that I usually end by becoming quite breathless myself and giving, I am sure to all those who come near me a sense of haste!

I reached the Democratic State Women's Division office at 10:30 this morning to find a woman awaiting me who dreamed of working on something that she enjoyed. Though her ideas were still a bit nebulous, I gave her some suggestions as to when she might apply, but I felt very strongly that she had better keep on working at her present job, distasteful as it might be.

Next came the representative of the Girl Scouts, Miss Moeckler, whose ever active mind had conceived a new program in which a group of scouts and I were to take part. Sometime later on you may all hear the results of her plan over the radio.

Then came a Dr. Henry Hart, a psychiatrist, doing a most interesting piece of research work with delinquent boys, and wanting to continue over a period of several years. He hopes to make a real contribution to the crime situation. When he left me, I went on frivolous errands and met my children. Elliott, in New York from Texas, my daughter and her husband at the Algonquin for lunch. A most hilarious hour and I then returned to the office and saw four more people, one with an idea of what women can do to prevent war; an artist; and two others on business of their own. And now I must go to see my daughter-in-law and the baby in the hospital and then make the train for Hyde Park. Hope Springs eternal in my breast, tomorrow I'll have plenty of time!

TMsd 28 February 1936, AERP, FDRL