My Day by Eleanor Roosevelt

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Quite a busy day as days should be when you acquire a new grandchild! First of all, I had to see this new member of the family and it is a sweet baby girl.

It is nice to have the weather mild and see the streets being gradually cleared of snow, for it has seemed up to now an almost impossible task. I felt truly sorry for the taxi-drivers. I got into a taxi this afternoon as I left my daughter's house and as we jogged slowly down bumpy side streets, he remarked over his shoulder, "When you came down the street, I thought you looked like the President's wife. I've never seen her—only her pictures. Any one ever tell you you looked like her?" To this I answered noncommitally yes. Then he said "Well, you have to hand it to her for being active." And so I responded there isn't much point to her activity unless she does something useful. He came back immediately with, "Well, I can't tell whether it is useful or not." With that we nearly hit the top of the cab as we went over a large chunk of ice, so he addressed himself to his driving with the remark that "snow in New York's not pleasant!"

I have been seeing some young things to-day who seemed to be finding life rather difficult to cope with, but I will say I take off my hat to their spirit. One of them told me she did not really know where the money was coming from for her next meal but she was rehearsing for play and it was lots of fun. As long as you can get fun out of life, even if you are near the starvation point, youth and hope will win out I am sure. When the rest of us are trying to play safe and think of the wise things to do, these young things will enjoy life and probably get a lot more out of it than any of us who are old and sensible.

TMsd 17 February 1936, AERP, FDRL