My Day by Eleanor Roosevelt

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ITHACA, N.Y.—A snowy day but that has not affected any of the activities of this day in Farm and Home Week at Cornell. I return here year after year not because of the small contribution which my presence may bring but because of the educational value to me. Every year I learn something new or gain a new impression and I never fail to leave with a sense of stimulation.

The presidents of various state women's organizations met together this morning to discuss what their contribution might be to the question of adult understanding of youth. Are adults prepared to be acceptable guides and leaders for youth? This is the question we might well ask of ourselves no matter how much of a shock it may give us.

At an afternoon meeting each organization president told what her particular group was doing to meet the challenge which life today presents to women.

That here in the College of Home Economics this challenge is understood was proved, I think, by a question asked me by one of the girls at the tea this afternoon. She wanted to know if I could define what the real object of home economics training should be. It is a little staggering to produce definitions which should take you some weeks of thought at a moment's notice, but as I get the atmosphere created here I feel that the object is to train women to grapple better with whatever problems life brings, to help them improve and to mold their lives to better purposes because of the tools which they are now acquiring.

TMsd 13 February 1936, AERP, FDRL