My Day by Eleanor Roosevelt

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The nicest part about having guests in the house is the fact that you can do so many things you like to do and feel virtuous about it! My cousin, Mrs. Joseph Alsop of Avon, Connecticut, Bishop and Mrs. Oldham of Albany, Mr. and Mrs. John Cutter of Boston, are all here for a few days so we ladies and the Bishop went to the Freer Gallery this morning. First the Peacock Room, and I saw it for the first time with the shutters closed which completes the design and really makes it a room. I love the portrait at one end and the fighting peacocks at the other but I never before knew that a painting needed daylight, hence the open shutters even though the dimmer light is much more becoming to the whole room. In the room with the Whistler water colors are three Winslow Homers, and I thinking I knew there were only Whistlers in that room said: "How strange! I should have thought those were by another man!" Whereupon the soft voiced assistant director Miss Guest said: "They are!" Showing me that one should never be too sure that one knows just what is in an art collection. They have some new Chinese lions in bronze, just found in Honan and dating back to about 1000 B.C. They are much excited about the find and I kept thinking what wonderful models they would make for toys!

Now I am about to begin a series of teas, first a group of housing officials headed by Mrs. Mary Simkhovitch, then two young tennis players, Miss Jane Sharp and Miss Ethel Arnold, and last but not least a group of women executives from the Departments of Labor, Interior, and Commerce, and some of the "Alphabets."

It's a great life if you never get tired!

TMsd 24 January 1936, AERP, FDRL