My Day by Eleanor Roosevelt

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Such a storm as we are having! Everywhere streets, cars everything covered with snow and sliding around. We all managed, however, to get in a procession to the Natural History Museum. There I was tremendously impressed by the Memorial Hall where the exercises were held. It is a beautiful spot and its proportions and decorations are very satisfying. Some of my favorite quotations are inscribed on the walls and brought back to me almost the tones of Theodore Roosevelt's voice. His children were all there, but unfortunately his wife is still in the hospital. My thoughts wandered to the two other people who would have been so happy in this memorial—his two sisters, Mrs. Cowles and Mrs. Robinson. As Roland Hayes sang "Mine Eyes Have Seen the Glory of the Coming of the Lord," I could almost see Mrs. Robinson's face. It would have been such an emotional moment to her.

When my husband ended his speech with a quotation from Bunyon about "Mr. Valiant for Truth," I wished Mrs. Robinson herself could have been there to read one of her poems about this beloved brother.

Theodore Roosevelt is perhaps one of the most colorful personalities in our history and will always be, I think, an influence on the youth of the country. His spirit was ever youthful and he lived his philosophy with all his might, never grudging in his praise of others, thereby bringing out in them the desire to meet his standards of integrity and duty. May the words on the walls of that building for many years remind young and old alike that here was a man who practiced what he preached and inspired many others to do the same.

TMsd 19 January 1936, AERP, FDRL