My Day by Eleanor Roosevelt

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I went shopping this morning. It has always been my contention that anything you wanted could be found in New York City, but don't be led astray and think that this can be done in a hurry.

Today is Col. Howe's birthday and I wanted a Chuddar shawl to take back to him, because someone brought me one from England and he has always admired it. After trying in three different places and in each place being told that they had never heard of a Chuddar shawl, I began to get discouraged. Of course, I do not know whether I spelled it correctly, but I could describe it very successfully.

Finally, on my last try, I found someone who at least knew what I was talking about and who promised to continue to canvass New York for me in an effort to obtain one. So much for shopping in the metropolis!

Afterwards I went to lunch at the Dutch Treat Club, the weekly assemblage of artists and writers. I admit that I was a bit nervous and it is lucky for me that I rarely eat much lunch, for somehow I did not have much appetite!

Fortunately the program began with two delightful gentlemen who made you laugh, willy-nilly, no matter how quaky you felt inside. Then for a few minutes I forgot everything else existed, as a very lovely voice filled the room.

Miss Fisher of the Metropolitan Opera Company sang two songs. She is an American and comes from West Virginia—two things which added to my interest. Sometime I hope to have another chance to meet and talk with her. Today she was on the other side of a very charming gentleman who, however, proved quite a barrier to the many questions I would have liked to ask her.

P.S. The Chuddar shawl is found and now we are on our way to Washington.

TMsd 14 January 1936, AERP, FDRL