My Day by Eleanor Roosevelt

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Of necessity the holidays take on some color from the youthful element in the household. Last evening we certainly divided our interests!

All during this past autumn our two Harvard boys have been attending a course in sociology given by Prof. Zimmerman, and one of them has had as an advisor Prof. Boldyreff. Because the course dealt with questions of our own Government and there were conflicting points of view, the boys were anxious to have these gentlemen come down here. So last night they came.

The subject under discussion was the AAA, so Secretary and Mrs. Wallace, and Mr. and Mrs. Chester Davis were also asked, together with a large group of young cousins who had very little interest in these—to them academic questions of Government. I provided a movie for the latter's entertainment and when the boys told me they felt the discussion would be of greater interest if there were not too many people there, I attended the movie with the ladies.

The movie did not appeal to me and I kept wondering all the time what was going on behind the closed door of the Oval room.

At 11:30 the movie was over and the young people, with Mrs. Wallace and Mrs. Davis, decided to go home. The discussion was still going on, so my daughter Anna and I went into my sitting room to talk and wait results.

In about half an hour everybody except the President, Secretary Wallace and Mr. Davis, burst in upon us. Prof. Zimmerman and I almost started the discussion anew, but I came to the conclusion that it was one of those discussions that are more or less profitless.

There are so many things which you do not have to consider if you are developing and studying a theory in a classroom. It is useful to deal with theories in developing youthful minds, for later they will deal with facts and profit by what they have learned of other men's thoughts, but it is quite different to be faced with actual situations that have to be met in one way or another in a given period of time.

TMsd 31 December 1935, AERP, FDRL