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John F. Kennedy to Eleanor Roosevelt

August 26, 1960

Dear Mrs. Roosevelt:

I was most grateful to receive your kind letter as well as the copy of your message to Mary Lasker. I only regret that I could not thank you before you left for your trip to Europe.

I called Anna Rosenberg soon after my return to Washington, and she expressed her willingness to help out just as soon as she returns to New York.

I shall be talking to Franklin during the next days, and he will be able to report to you on some suggestions for the campaign. I also look forward to another meeting when we can discuss further some of the important issues.

Again, let me assure you that I intend to work in close association with Adlai and Chester Bowles and I am delighted that you are willing to take an active part in the campaign. Your column subsequent to our meeting was very gracious and your comments on civil rights legislation were very helpful and perceptive. It was a pleasure to dine with you at Hyde Park. I appreciated your hospitality particularly at a time of personal sorrow for you.1

With every good wish,

     1. Sally Roosevelt, John Roosevelt's daughter and ER's granddaughter, died suddenly from a freak horseback riding accident the day before JFK was scheduled to meet with ER at Val-Kill. [Joseph Lash, Eleanor: The Years Alone (New York: W.W. Norton & Company, 1972), p. 287.]

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