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Human Rights News and Highlights

Human Rights Watch World Report 2009
Human Rights Watch's 19th annual review of human rights practices around the globe. Covers developments in seventy countries, posts current press coverage of human rights, and manages a news archive.
Human Rights Day Message, December 10, 2000 by Mary Robinson
Human Rights Day Message delivered by Mary Robinson, United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights on December 10, 2000

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights

UN High Commissioner on Human Rights' UDHR Home Page
The most comprehensive collection of translations of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Over 300 different language versions are available in HTML, PDF and graphical forms.
Universal Declaration of Human Rights - 60th Anniversary
A site created by a coalition of more than 127 organizations who joined the National Coordinating Committee for the 50th Anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and dedicated to understanding human rights worldwide.
"I have a right to..."  
A BBC World Service educations project that provides human rights information through case studies from around the world.

Other Human Rights Links

AAAS Science and Human Rights Program
The American Association for the Advancement of Science's program on the protection of human rights of scientists, scholars, educators, and students around the world.
American Anti-Slavery Society Group
The site of the American Anti-Slavery Group, the only American organization solely dedicated to abolishing slavery worldwide, monitors, documents, and publicizes the plight of slaves around the globe with a special focus on black chattel slavery in North Africa and involuntary servitude in the United States.
Amnesty International
The Amnesty International homepage promotes the worldwide movements to ensure all the human rights enshrined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights by providing current news, online databases, and links to other human rights sites.
Arab Association for Human Rights
The site focuses on the condition of the Palestinian Arab minority in Israel and includes news articles and description of core programs.
Belgrade Center for Human Rights
Information to influence public opinion for the sake of protecting human rights and humanitarian law in Federal Republic Yugoslavia (Serbia and Montenegro) and abroad.
Beyond Racism
A collaboration among people and institutions in Brazil, South Africa, and the United States for exchanging information, ideas, and strategies to overcome discrimination and inequality.
Provides information about CARE (Cooperative for Assistance and Relief Everywhere), its programs, and current news about its efforts around the world.
Center for the Victims of Torture
Site provides information about government_inflicted torture on individuals, their families, and their communities and ways to prevent its occurrence.
Center for Women's Global Leadership
Information for the development and facilitation of women's leadership for women's human rights and social justice worldwide.
Committee of Concerned Scientists
Site dedicated to the protection and advancement of the human rights and scientific freedom of the sciences throughout the world.
Cultural Survival
Focus on developing new strategies for responding directly to the critical needs of the world's indigenous populations by detailing current projects, providing current news, upcoming events, as well as links to related sites.
The homepage of Derechos Human Rights, the first internet based human rights organization, provides information for the promotion and respect of human rights worldwide.
European Court of Human Rights
Information about the Court, pending cases, judgments/decisions, basic governing texts, and press releases.
Human Rights First
Information focusing on building the legal institutions and structures that will guarantee human rights in the long term and strengthen independent human rights advocacy at the local level.
Human Rights Interactive Network
The site contains links to other human rights and humanitarian sites in the United States and across the world.
Human Rights Library
The Library contains human rights documents and material, human rights search engines, mirror sites, and other information from the University of Minnesota Human Rights Library.
Human Rights Watch
Dedicated to protecting the human rights of people around the world by providing breaking news, HRW site contains publications and campaigns, commentary, as well as contact information and links to related organizations.
Institute for Human Rights (Beirut Bar Association)
The Institute's site promotes universal values stated in the Lebanese constitution and in the United Nations conventions of human rights.
International Educational Development - Humanitarian Law Project
Site devoted to protecting human rights and promoting the peaceful resolution of conflict by using established international human rights laws and humanitarian law and by providing press releases, letters, interview, reports, and related links.
Islamic Human Rights Commission
Highlights the continued and overwhelming oppression that faces Muslims worldwide.
Provides information on legal and crime prevention issues in order to increase public safety and awareness.
Madre, an International Women's Human Rights Organization
Site addresseing issues of health, education, economic development and other human rights focusing on the needs of women and children.
Medicins Sans Frontieres (Doctors Without Borders)
Site for organization dedicated to providing medical aid wherever it is needed, regardless of race, religion, politics or sex and to raising public awareness of the plight of the clients
National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP)
Site dedicated to ensure the political, educational, social and economic equality of minority group citizens of United States and the elimination of racial prejudice.
Oxfam America
Information for the creation of lasting solutions to hunger, poverty, and social injustice through long_term partnerships with poor communities around the world
Peace Bridgade International
Site committed to working against racism, structural violence, and problems faced by many Indigenous communities through nonviolence and non-partisanship methods.
People for the American Way
Latest news and archive to organizes and mobilizes Americans to fight for fairness, justice, civil rights and the freedoms guaranteed by the Constitution.
Physicians for Human Rights
Site of the 1997 Nobel Peace Prize co-recipient, dedicated to mobilizes the health professions and enlists support from the general public to protect and promote the human rights of all people.
Physicians for Social Responsibility
Information for the elimination of nuclear weapons , the reversal of the arms race, and the national budgetary priorities which fuel that race.
Prince Edward Island Human Rights Commission

Project Diana Human Rights Archive (Yale Law School)
The international archive of human rights legal documentation, includes search engine, subject index, and links.
Refugees International
The latest news, bulletins, newsletters, and annual reports from an independent international organization serving as the voice for refugees, displaced persons, and vulnerable people.
Think_tank working to identify, develop and publicize more effective approaches to tackling and preventing armed conflicts
Southern Poverty Law Center
Current news, news archive, on-line classroom, programs, and campaigns to combat hate, intolerance, and discrimination through education and litigation.
Survival International
Campaigns, events, and educational opportunities for the worldwide support of tribal peoples through public campaigns
U.S. Dept of State Human Rights Reports
The country reports on human rights practices submitted annually by the U.S. Department of State to the U.S. Congress, 1993-1999.
UN High Commission on Human Rights
Documents, treaties, meetings, publications, press conferences, and news of the High Commission on Human Rights.
UN High Commissioner for Refugees
Current news, press releases, programs, and statistics on refugees around the world.
United Nations

Pictures, video, news, and petitions concerning human rights violations.
World Commission for Peace and Human Rights Council

World Organization Against Torture: SOS-Torture
List of human rights violations by country in the last couple of years - distributed by SOS_Torture.