The Eleanor Roosevelt Papers Project

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1. Implement the Marshall Plan generously so that we will not be too late with too little.

2. Improve our own Democracy by wiping out racial and religious discrimination wherever possible, and by creating labor-management groups in as many big industries as possible so as to better adjust the interests of the two great forces in our economic life.

3. Use every means in our power to make our own people understand that it is not a question any more of what is good for "me", but what is good for the world.

4. Use every method to keep people strong physically, mentally and spiritually in every nation.

5. Make it plain that we are prepared to disarm and to do our proper share in strengthening the United Nations forces as soon as a definite plan is reached for controlling atomic energy within the United Nations and the inspection of every nation in exactly the same way.

6. Stop talking about opposing the spread of communism and talk about the advantages of democracy. On the Russian side, stop infiltration into other nations and efforts outside communist states to spread communism.

7. Stop using totalitarian methods at home which frighten our own people and act as though we had faith in the strength of our democracy and a belief in the convictions of our own people.

8. Take such measures as will make for better distribution of available goods within our own country, keep prices down and keep employment up.

9. Plan an economic cooperation with Eastern Europe as well as with Western Europe and make it contingent on freedom of access for travel and information between all countries. Above all, speak frankly and truthfully to each other.

10. Get armies out of all occupied areas and leave qualified civilian set-ups to do the supervision and necessary work involved.