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1884 Born in New York City, October 11th, to Elliott and Anna Hall Roosevelt
1891 Elliott Roosevelt and childrenElliott (father) succumbs to morphine and alcohol addictions and becomes violent during family's European tour

Family commits him to asylum

Hall Roosevelt (brother) born
1892 Anna and Elliott's secret reconciliation fails

Anna dies

Maternal grandmother Mary Ludlow Hall assumes custody of ER and her brothers
1894 Elliott dies from alcoholism
1899 Enrolls in Allenswood School outside London where Headmistress Mademoiselle Marie Souvestre becomes an influential mentor
Mlle. Souvestre
1901 Travels to France and Italy with Mademoiselle Souvestre

Theodore Roosevelt, ER's uncle, becomes president after McKinley is assassinated
1902 Leaves Allenswood to make her debut in New York
1903 Becomes engaged to Franklin D. Roosevelt, her fifth cousin once removed, to the dismay of Sara Delano Roosevelt (FDR's mother)

Joins National Consumers' League and investigates working conditions in garment industry

Joins Junior League and volunteers for Rivington Street Settlement House where she teaches calisthenics
1905 Marries FDR in New York City, March 17th

Sara builds adjoining townhouses for herself and FDR and Eleanor
Marriage Certificate of FDR and ER
1906 Gives birth to Anna
1907 Gives birth to James
1909 Gives birth to Franklin D. Roosevelt, Jr., who dies of influenza later in the year
1910 Gives birth to Elliott

Moves family to Albany after FDR elected to state senate

Later calls this time "the beginning of my independence"
1911 Endorses woman suffrage after FDR announces his support

Fire breaks out in Triangle Shirtwaist Factory killing 146 workers
Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire Scene
1912 Attends state Democratic Party convention for the first time
1913 Woodrow Wilson becomes President, defeating TR and Taft

Moves to Washington, DC after FDR appointed Assistant Secretary of the Navy

Hires Lucy Mercer as her social secretary
1914 Gives birth to son, also named Franklin, Jr.

FDR loses Democratic primary for U.S. Senate

World War I breaks out in Europe
Half Slave / Half Free
1916 Gives birth to John

Wilson wins reelection
1917 U.S. enters World War I
1918 Works with the D.C. Red Cross, the Navy Department, and Navy League to help WWI servicemen

Discovers FDR's affair with Lucy Mercer, leaves FDR, but reconciles in fall

Accompanies FDR on tour of European naval installations and battlefields; attends Paris Peace Conference

Learns to drive

Congress ratifies the proposed woman suffrage amendment
1919 Lobbies Interior Department to improve conditions at St. Elizabeth's Hospital

[photo: International Congress of Working Women, 1919Works as translator at International Congress of Working Women where she meets Rose Schneiderman and Maud Schwartz

Volunteers at Saint Elizabeth's Hospital to work with shell shocked veterans

Grandmother Hall dies
1920 [photo: ER, Louis Howe, and E. Presinol, 1920]Campaigns with FDR, now the Democratic Vice-Presidential nominee

Begins close friendship with FDR advisor Louis Howe

Joins League of Women Voters; chairs Legislative Affairs Committee

Begins public speaking

Aunt Pussie dies

Woman suffrage amendment passes