The Eleanor Roosevelt Papers Project is a university-chartered research center associated with the Department of History of The George Washington University

The George Washington University

The Eleanor Roosevelt Papers Project
America in the 1930s
An examination of cultural richness and importance of 1930's thought and culture. The site includes links to radio broadcasts, print media, film, and an online exhibit.
An American Original: Eleanor Roosevelt
National Archives exhibit on Eleanor Roosevelt's resignation from the Daughters of American Revolution.
Convocation Address by Eleanor Roosevelt, University of Manitoba
Live recording of an acceptance speech given by ER during the awarding of her honorary degree by the University of Manitoba on March 1, 1949. (in RealPlayer format).
"Eleanor Roosevelt: A Restless Spirit" Study Guide
Classroom site containing discussion questions and extended activities relating to the A&E Biography of ER
"Eleanor Roosevelt and Ralph Bunche"
An excerpt from A Life in Peace and War: Conversation with Sir Brian Urquhart. Sir Urquhart was a former Undersecretary-General of the United Nations.
Eleanor Roosevelt and the Tuskegee Airmen
Eleanor Roosevelt Center at Val-Kill
Eleanor Roosevelt Center at Val-Kill (ERVK) site includes the organization' s programs and events, histories of ER and Val-Kill, and other ER related links.
Eleanor Roosevelt National Historic Site
Visitor information about the Eleanor Roosevelt National Historic Site in Hyde Park, NY.
Eleanor Roosevelt: The American Experience
Biographical information, audio and video clips of ER, as well as time lines, a family tree, and a teacher' s guide for use with the PBS program.
Eleanor Roosevelt's Letter to Walter White
Introduction to and scanned image of Eleanor' s March 1936 letter to Walter White, director of the NAACP
Eleanor Roosevelt and Workers' Rights
FBI Files Concerning Eleanor Roosevelt
Four Freedoms Park
Franklin D. Roosevelt Library
Franklin D. Roosevelt Library, Museum, and Digital Archive site offers the opportunity to explore portions of the Library's collection, including documents, photographs, audio and video clips, and provides links to other sources of on-line information about ER and FDR.
Greenbelt Museum
Images, interviews and other materials relating to Greenbelt, Maryland, a New Deal-era planned community in the suburbs of Washington, D.C.
H-Net Discussion List on New Deal and Its Origins
H-US1918-45, The New Deal era and its Origins, provides a forum for research and teaching the history of the United States, from 1918 to 1945.
New Deal Network
An award winning site containing an educational guide, several primary sources and creative curricula related to the history of the Great Depression and the New Deal.
President's Clinton's Proclamation of Eleanor Roosevelt Day (October 10, 2000).
Roosevelt Institute
Carrying forward the legacy and values of Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt.
Roosevelt Institute Campus Network
A national student initiative that engages young people in a unique form of progressive activism, empowers them as leaders and promotes their ideas for change.
WPA American Slave Narratives
Contains "Been Here So Long," a site devoted to the WPA slave narratives, including a history of the project and transcripts of selected narratives.
"She Was One of Us"
ER Project Affiliate Brigid O'Farrell's website for her study on Eleanor Roosevelt and American workers. The site includes materials for teaching about ER and labor.