The Enonsinian Society
Our Debates
For the coming school year our debates will be held at 572 22nd St., also the home of the GW Honors program. Each of our debates revolve around one predetermined resolution. Typically these resolutions deal with major issues facing the public today. Visit our term-card listing and our debate rules to learn more.
The Enosinian Society is a registered student organization at the George Washington University. The views and policies articulated in these pages are not necessarily those of the George Washington University. This site is maintained by the Enosinian Society web team who can be reached at
Of the George Washington University
Welcome to 185th Year of the Enosinian Society
Who We Are
The Enosinian Society is one of George Washington University’s  oldest and most storied student organizations. Started almost 200 years ago, the Society was reformed two years ago by a group of students who wished for a return to debate and reasoned discussion. Holding biweekly debates, the Society is the premier forum on campus for amicable yet spirited debate on important issues of the day.
Just as in the 19th century when General Lafayette’s son and Daniel Webster took the floor, the modern day Enosinian Society aims to increase student awareness of the world around them.