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E&EM Graduate Student Assists with NASA Biodiversity and Ecological Forecasting Team Annual Meeting


Moses Adoko, a graduate student in the Environmental and Energy Management Program who works in the NASA Office of the Chief Engineer, assisted with the 2010 annual meeting of the NASA Biodiversity and Ecological Forecasting Team, which took place in Washington, D.C. from May 17-19, 2010 at the Hilton Embassy Row Hotel.

.The NASA Biodiversity Program is a research program within the Earth Science Division of the NASA Science Mission Directorate at NASA headquarters. The program focuses on using NASA observations and models to improve our understanding of the role of biodiversity at all levels (i.e. genes, species, and ecosystems) within the Earth system.

In an effort to promote collaboration and advance the objectives of the discipline, the NASA Biodiversity and Ecological Forecasting Team annually brings together Principal Investigators and their project teams to discuss their projects, particularly new findings and challenges. As an observer from NASA headquarters, Moses had the opportunity to experience intellectual discourse on environmental science, technologies and applications.


During the meeting, Principal Investigators or their designees gave 10-to-12 minute presentations on their projects. Each briefing was followed by a facilitated, integrated open discussion of the subject under consideration. Ideas were exchanged mutually, while best practices and unique findings were shared among the participants.

Moses explained that the NASA Ecological Forecasting program is an applications-driven undertaking that promotes the use of scientific observations, models, and other products resulting from NASA research activities conducted by organizations seeking to manage and conserve natural ecosystems. The goal of the Ecological Forecasting program is to develop forecasts with associated estimates of error, and of the impacts of environmental change on ecosystems and other elements of biodiversity. Partner agencies include NOAA, National Park Service, US Fish and Wildlife Service, USGS, and USAID.