The George Washington University
Engineering Management & Systems Engineering Department (EMSE)
Environmental & Energy Management Program (E&EM)
Spring 2000 (Volume 1, Number 2)

E&EM Seeks Sustainable 
Energy Partnership

On February 8, 2000, E&EM representatives met with Elliott Laws, former Assistant Administrator of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, and Erol Munuz, Director of Policy and Program Development at the Outlook Policy Forum.  Representing GW at the meeting were E&EM doctoral candidate Joseph Blackford and E&EM Lead Professor Jonathan Deason. 

The purpose of the meeting was to explore possibilities of establishing a working relationship between the two organizations on specific 
environmental and energy projects.  As a result of the meeting, the E&EM program prepared a proposal for a national symposium entitled “Global Climate Change: A Challenge for the Electric Power Generating Industry,” which it submitted to the Outlook Policy Forum for review. 

Discussing cooperation on a national energy policy symposium are (l-r) Jonathan Deason, E&EM Professor; Elliott Laws, former Assistant Administrator, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency; Erol Munuz, Director of Policy and Program Development, Outlook Policy Forum; and J.P. Blackford, E&EM doctoral candidate


Jonathan P. Deason, Ph.D., Lead Professor