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EEM Conducts Energy Briefings for Chinese Delegation


In October 2011, five E&EM-affiliated faculty members conducted policy level briefings for senior Chinese officials responsible for electrical power plants in the Guangdong province of China. The briefings, which were done in affiliation with the Georgetown University Center for Intercultural Education and Development, were targeted at promoting mutual understanding of energy issues, strengthening democratic values and supporting sustainable development. EEM Lead Professor Jonathan Deason coordinated the GW lectures for the event. The following lectures were provided over a ten-day period in late October:

  • Professorial Lecturer Dr. Elvin Yuzugullu: “U.S. Energy Policy”
  • Professor Stephen Hsu: “Alternative Energy in the United States: History and Trends”
  • Professorial Lecturer Robert Andersen: “Nuclear Power in the United States: History and Trends”
  • Professor Michael Duffey: “U.S. Energy Economics”
  • Professorial Lecturer Robert McCreight: “International Disaster Management”
  • Each of the two-hour briefings was followed up with relevant site visits to organizations relevant to the individual briefings. Sites visited included the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, the Maryland Clean Energy Technology Incubator and the National Hydropower Association.

    A complete itinerary for the weeklong event can be seen by clicking on the following link: Guangdong Province Energy Briefing Schedule