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EEM Professor Appointed Executive Director for New Climate Change NGO


EEM Adjunct Professor Jigar Shah recently was named Executive Director for the Institute for Industrial Productivity, an NGO headquartered in Paris focused on reducing industrial greenhouse gas emissions. Dr. Shah, who taught the EEM courses EMSE 6260 Energy Management and EMSE 6285 Analytical Tools for Energy Management for most of the past decade, is taking a leave of absence from his reaching duties to start up the new NGO.

The Institute for Industrial Productivity was established by the ClimateWorks Foundation ( in 2010 to focus on greenhouse gas emission reductions and energy efficiency for the industrial sector worldwide, a sector that has the second-highest potential for greenhouse gas reductions after the power generating sector.

In his role as Executive Director, Dr. Shah is developing a global hub of expertise and information on investment options and innovative technologies for private sector entities seeking to build cleaner industrial facilities. Dr. Shah is focusing his initial attention on emerging economies with the greatest potential for emissions reductions, principally China and India.

The Institute is providing technical support and research assistance to industrial entities on the best available technologies and global benchmarks for greenhouse emissions. In addition, the Institute is providing financial expertise to government and financial institutions in designing policies and financial mechanisms that provide companies and projects with effective financing options for energy efficiency investments.

Dr. Shah is well qualified to undertake this daunting mission. He has over 25 years of experience in energy efficiency and cleaner production for the manufacturing sector. Prior to joining the Institute, he served at the International Finance Corporation (part of the World Bank Group) in assisting private sector entities in developing nations to undertake climate friendly investments in energy efficiency, water management, and resource conservation. In his capacity as Executive Director, Dr. Shah is splitting his time among headquarters and regional Institute offices in Paris, Beijing and Washington, D.C.

More information on the Institute for Industrial Productivity can be seen by clicking on the following link: Institute for Industrial Productivity Brochure.