Engineering Management & Systems Engineering;
School of Engineering & Applied Science

E&EM Doctoral Graduate Named Department Chairman
at The China University of Science and Technology

.E&EM graduate Li-Chun Wu recently was named Chairman of the Department of Industrial Engineering and Management and promoted to Associate Professor at the China University of Science and Technology (CUST) in Taiwan, Republic of China.

Li-Chun, who graduated from GW in 2000 with a Doctor of Science degree in Environmental and Energy Management, joined the China University of Science and Technology in 2004 as an Assistant Professor.  Since he has been at the University, Li-Chun has received a number of research awards from The National Science Council (NSC) in Taiwan.  He directed the NSC project “Improvement of Military Gas Mask Canister by Modifying Impregnated Composition,” which was completed in 2005, and the NSC project “The Research of Organic Aromatic Amine Impregnated Activated Universal Carbon for Military Gas Mask Canister,” which was completed in 2006.

.Li-Chun’s doctoral research in the E&EM program was entitled "Development of a Decision-Making Model for Hazardous Sludge Disposal Management in Newly Industrialized Countries of Asia: The Case of the Four Tigers.”  His current principal research focus is related to industrial hygiene and safety, especially in national defense units.

Prior to joining the CUST, Li-Chun was the Director for Human Resources, Planning, and Research & Development in the Planning Directorate, Combined Service Forces.  The Combined Service Forces is a federation of eight arsenals, military logistical agencies and universities in Taiwan engaged in conventional weapon and equipment manufacturing.

Below are citations of four peer reviewed papers that Li-Chun has published recently:

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Li-Chun Wu, Tsu-Hua Chang, Ying-Chien Chung, “Removal of Hydrogen Sulfide and Sulfur Dioxide by Carbons Impregnated with Triethylenediamine,” Journal of the Air & Waste Management Association, Volume 57, December 2007, p. 1461-1468.

Tsu-Hua Chang, Li-Chun Wu, Ya-Ting You and Ying-Chien Chung, “Removal of Ethylene and Bioaerosol by Chlorine Dioxide Using a Chemical Scrubbing System in a Fruit and Vegetable Storage Facility,” Journal of Environmental Science and Health, Part A (2009) 44, p. 258-264.

Li-Chun Wu, Ying-Chien Chung, Journal of the Air & Waste Management Association “Replacement of Hazardous Chromium Impregnating Agent from Silver/Copper/Chromium-Impregnated Active Carbon Using Triethylenediamine to Remove Hydrogen Sulfide, Trichloromethane, Ammonia, and Sulfur Dioxide,” Volume 59, March 2009, p. 258-265.