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E&EM Students and Recent Graduates Assume Exciting New Professional Positions

The professional careers of a number of E&EM graduate students and recent E&EM graduates advanced markedly during the spring and summer 2009 semesters. Here are some examples:

Commander Joe Lally

Commander Joe Lally was put in charge of the U.S. Coast Guard’s Oil and Hazardous Substance Division. Recent E&ME grad LCDR Dan Somma, Cargo Security Branch Chief for the Coast Guard, remarked “Joe is a busy man; that is for sure!” Dan also pointed out that the Coast Guard's most recent issue of its "Proceedings" magazine focused on environmental protection.

Alyssa Wiltse

Alyssa Wiltse recently became the Deputy Managing Editor for OOSKA News, an international weekly publication on water management issues from the developing world. Alyssa also is working on the launch a new U.S. focused daily briefing on stimulus funding for water infrastructure.

Anu Prasad

Anu Prasad began a new position in mid-spring 2009 with the Pew Center on Global Climate Change. In her new position, Anu is working on designing corporate strategies for energy efficiency, which she says is the ideal job for her.

Candice Wyllie

Since graduating from the GW E&EM program, Candice Wyllie has been working for In September 2009, Candice will pursue a Masters of Laws LLM) degree (at the University of Geneva in International Dispute Settlement, where she will focus on international water law and the management of conflicts over transboundary water resources.

Emily Wasley

Emily Wasley recently became a senior consultant at Booz Allen Hamilton on its U.S. Global Civil Environment Team. Emily supports the EPA's Environmental Management System and Audit Program in the Safety, Health, and Environmental Management Division. She is engaged in several climate change initiatives, including developing a regional performance-based program aimed to reduce transportation greenhouse gas emissions, align incentives, and enhance energy and environmental security; and researching the national security implications of climate change.

Ethan Balis

Ethan Balis was interviewed in July 23, 2009 for a segment on a CBS station covering green jobs. Ethan reports that coverage of his interview, which was broadcast on CBS, is available online at

Kisa Mfalila

recently began work for the African Development Bank as a senior environmental specialist at the Bank’s headquarters office in Tunis, Tunisia. Kisa reports that it has been overwhelmingly busy since she joined the organization, as her responsibilities have significantly increased and as she gradually tries to settle-in in a completely different culture.

Mansi Talwar

E&EM Master’s Degree student Mansi Talwar served in a paid internship with Eco-Coach during the summer of 2009 semester. Mansi’s intern position involved research work related to sustainability and work on projects such as green building design to green procurement practices. Eco-Coach is in the business of assisting business and residential clients in achieving long-term sustainability. Business organizations assisted by Eco-Coach range from independently owned retail stores and restaurants to Fortune 500 companies and large developers. Residential clients are in the Washington D.C. metropolitan area. Mansi says that information on her responsibilities are mentioned in the link

Jim Lynch

Former E&ME newsletter editor Jim Lynch reports that things have been going pretty well out in south central Washington State, where Jim works for the U.S. Department of Energy. Jim says that h e is working on environmental compliance activities for the DOE Hanford site “with plenty of RCRA and NEPA action.” Jim also reports that he has just starting getting into biking, picked up racquetball again, and continues playing hid acoustic guitar. He reports that “there are a ton of very smart folks here with the Hanford site and the Pacific Northwest Laboratory.”

Greg Kupka

Greg Kupka began a new position at ICF International in July 2009. Although Greg says that he will “miss my colleagues at the University,” he is looking forward to his new challenge and to starting a new phase of his career.

Josh Lasky

Josh Lashy began an internship with the DC Office of Planning on June 2009. In his new position, Josh is working on sustainability initiatives at the community level.

Dulce Meldau Benke

Dulce Meldau Benke reports that she has decided to pursue the doctoral program of the Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies in Geneva, Switzerland.

Kristen Nicole

Kristen Nicole recently began working at the Department of Energy helping to re-engineer the solar manufacturing surveys for the Energy Information Agency. Kristen reports that “it is fantastic to get paid to ‘do energy’ on a full-time basis, the time I am spending on research almost makes me feel guilty!”