The George Washington University
Engineering Management & Systems Engineering Department (EMSE)
Environmental & Energy Management Program (E&EM)

Fall 2004 (Volume 5, Number 2)

Daulat Khan Defends Doctoral Dissertation Research

Dr. Daulat Khan successfully defended his doctoral dissertation on “strategies for Improving Environmental Impact Assessment in Pakistan” in the early summer 2004. Daulat obtained his Bachelor of Science degree in Agricultural Engineering from the University of Engineering and Technology in Peshawar, Pakistan in 1982 and his Master of Science degree in Soil Science and Water Management from the Stathclyde University in Glascow, Scotland in 1992. In his dissertation research, which was conducted in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Daulat undertook comparative analyses of the EIA systems in the U.S. and Pakistan, focusing on urban pollution caused by motor vehicles and industrial sector wastewater effluent. Geographical focal areas of his research included Lahore, Rawalpindi and Islamabad, Pakistan. Strengths of Pakistani EIA system uncovered by Daulat’s research included strong statutory underpinnings, incorporation of public participation and post implementation monitoring. Weaknesses included inadequate data collection processes, technical expertise deficiencies and delays in decision-making processes.

Jonathan P. Deason, Ph.D., Lead Professor