Conference Theme:

To Mitigate the Effects of Climate Change,
To Prevent Environmental Pollution,
To Sustain Energy Supplies, and
To Develop Clean Energy Technologies.

The main subject categories are:

1. Energy, Environmental Policies and Programs and Climate Change: Ecosystem-friendly programs and their applications; economical power supplies; energy and environmental education programs; socio-economic factors; economic considerations; national and international policies, programs and agreements; case studies. Reductions in greenhouse gas emissions; approaches to resolving climate change problems.

2. Renewable Energy Technologies: Advances in solar, wind, ocean, biomass, geothermal or hydro energy.

3. Power Systems and Equipment: Distributed power generation; combined heat and power generation; trigeneration.

4. Advances in Thermal Science and Technology: Advances in thermodynamics, heat transfer and fluid dynamics; research in thermal physical properties for fluids; advances in heat exchangers; advances in environmental fluid dynamics; exchange membrane technology.

5. Clean Energy and Combustion Technologies: Clean energy, clean fuels and combustion technologies; new uses of existing resources; advanced combustion technologies; application of biotechnology in energy and environmental engineering.

6. Advances in Energy Storage Technologies: Thermal, electrical, hydrogen or methane hydrate storage technologies; power generation of combined cycles; power generation with fuel cells; electric vehicles; dual-energy vehicles.

7. Urban Environmental Protection Technologies: Treatment of municipal solid waste and hazardous waste; physical/chemical treatment methods of waste; treatment of industrial waste; solutions to light and noise pollution; treatment of wastewater and gas.

8. Advances in Measuring Techniques in Energy and Environmental Engineering: Real-time and on-site measurement of emissions; advances in environmental measurement and control.

9. Advances in Refrigeration, Air-Conditioning and Cryogenic Engineering: Alternative refrigerants; advances in refrigeration; advances in air-conditioning with thermal storage; advances in cryogenics.

10. Advances in Waste Stream Technologies: Treatment, management and the disposal of industrial waste streams.