Takae Tsujioka


801 22nd Street, N.W. (Rome Hall, Suite 465)

Washington, DC 20052

Department of East Asian Languages and Literatures

The George Washington University






1995-May, 2001               Ph.D. in Linguistics

Georgetown University, Washington DC


1998 (Spring)                    Visiting Scholar in the Department of Linguistics and Philosophy

MIT, Cambridge, MA


1994-1995                         M.A. in Applied Linguistics

Southern Illinois University at Carbondale, Carbondale, IL


1992-1993                         B.A. in Linguistics, Cum Laude

Southern Illinois University at Carbondale, Carbondale, IL


1989-1992                         Liberal Arts, European and American languages and Culture

Osaka Kyoiku University, Osaka, Japan



    Graduate-level courses included but not limited to:

      Theory and Methods of TESOL

      Applied Linguistics – Research Methods

      Language Testing

      Inferential Statistics

      Pedagogical Grammar

      Computer-Assisted language teaching

      Generative Approach to Language Acquisition

      Seminar in Language Acquisition: Morphology

      Programming Language for Linguists: PERL

      Linguistic Structures of Japanese


    Summer Institutes:

      Linguistic Society of America Summer Institute

      Teaching, Learning & Innovation Summer Institute, Center for New Designs in Learning and Scholarship

Teaching Experience


      2007 (Fall)-present            Japanese Teaching Instructor

                                                Department of East Asian Languages and Literatures,

                                                The George Washington University, Washington DC


  Courses taught:


      Beginning Japanese

      Intermediate Japanese


      2001-2007 (Spring)           Adjunct Assistant Professor of Japanese 

Department of East Asian Languages and Cultures, Georgetown University, Washington DC


  Courses taught:


      Intensive First Year Japanese

      Integrated Advanced Japanese

      Introduction to Japanese Linguistics


2006 (Fall)                         Part-time Instructor

                                          Department of East Asian Languages and Literatures,

                                          The George Washington University


1995-2001                         Graduate Teaching Fellow

Department of Linguistics, Georgetown University, Washington DC


  Courses taught:


      Intensive Second Year Japanese

      Introduction to Linguistics (with full-responsibilities)

      Introduction to Language

      Generative Syntax


      Phonetics and Phonology

      General Phonology

      Formal Semantics



Working Experience


            2007 (Spring)                    Assistant Librarian, Japanese Studies Bibliographer

                                                      Collection Department, Lauinger Library

                                                      Georgetown University, Washington DC


            2004-2005                         Translator – Internet security software

                                                      Surety, Inc.

                                                      Herndon, VA


            2002 (Summer)                  Japanese Language Consultant

                                                      Rare Book Section, History of Medicine Division

                                                      National Library of Medicine, Bethesda, MA




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Tsujioka, Takae. 2001. The Inalienable Possession Construction with do. In the Proceedings of the 9th Japanese/Korean Linguistics Conference, 390-403.  Stanford, CSLI.


Parrott, Jeffrey and Takae Tsujioka. (eds.) 2000. Georgetown University Working Papers in Linguistics, Vol. 1.


Tsujioka, Takae and Yoshiho Shibuya. 1999. The Inalienable Object Construction in Japanese. In Geert Booij, Ralli Angela and Sergio Scalise (eds.), Proceedings of the First Mediterranean Meeting of Morphology, 141-152. University of Patras.



Conference Presentations


Kanji o tanoshiku manabu ni wa: Interactive Kanji learning game. With Yoshiko Mori. The 16th Mid-Atlantic Japanese Pedagogy Workshop, University of Virginia, May 12, 2007.


Quia o tsukatta kanji gakushu kyozai. With Yoshiko Mori, Motoko Omori, Ikuko Muroga, and Kumi Sato. The 14th Princeton Japanese Pedagogy Forum, University of Princeton University, May 6, 2007.


Beyond the limitations – Online activities for Japanese. With Shoko Hamano. The 9th Annual DigitalStream Conference, March 2007.


How to make learning of grammar fun: effective use of communicative activities.  With Kumi Sato. The 12th Annual Mid-Atlantic Japanese Pedagogy Workshop, Washington, DC, June 1, 2002.


E-possessive and evidence for EPP-driven scrambling. The 3rd Formal Approach to Japanese Linguistics, Cambridge, MA, May 2001.


Improper Remnant A-movement. 31st Conference of the North-East Linguistic Society (NELS), Washington, DC, October 2000.


Bahuvrihi Possessives and the Small v Hypothesis. Association of Business Communication International Conference, Kyoto, Japan, August 2000.


Possessor Raising and Small v: The Bahuvrihi Possessive in Japanese. From NP to DP: International Conference on the Syntax and Pragma-Semantics of Noun Phrases, Antwerp, Belgium, February 2000.


The Inalienable Possession Construction with do. The 9th Japanese/Korean Linguistics Conference, Columbus, Ohio, August 1999.


Compounding, Phrasal Syntax, and the Base Rule Theory. Annual Meeting of Linguistic Society of America, New York City, January 1998.


The Inalienable Object Construction in Japanese. With Yoshiho Shibuya. Mediterranean Meeting on Morphology, Mytilene, Greece, September 1997.


Extending L2 Data Beyond the L2 Domain. With Susan Gass and Usha Lakshmanan. Second Language Research Forum, Montreal, Canada, October 1994.



2002                                          Harold N. Glassman Dissertation Award in the Social Sciences

Georgetown University


1999-2001                   Georgetown University Graduate Assistantship


1995-1999                   Georgetown University Fellowship


2000, 1997                  Georgetown University Linguistics Department Travel Grant


1999                            Georgetown University Graduate Student Organization Individual Travel Funding


1997 (Summer)           LSA Linguistic Institute Student Fellowship


1996                            Best Master of Arts Thesis

                                                Southern Illinois University at Carbondale


1993 (Fall)                  International Student Tuition Scholarship



Professional Service



2003-2006                   Administered and helped organize the Japan Foundations Japanese Language Proficiency Test held at Georgetown University annually.


2002-2003                   Created a copy-right free computer-assisted language learning program for the LIBRA/GEMINI project


2000                            Conference Coordinator of the 31st Conference of the North-East Linguistic Society


1999-2000                   Co-editor/reviewer of the Georgetown Working Papers in Theoretical Linguistics


1998-1999                   Organizer for the Georgetown University Theoretical Linguistics Lecture Series Committee


1996-1998                   Organizer for the Japanese Linguistics Society at Georgetown University






Languages            Japanese                                               (native)

                                    English                                                 (fluent, STEP Grade 1)

                                    Italian, Spanish, German, Korean         (basic)


Computer             Multimedia development                      (iMovie, iDVD, PowerPoint)

                                    Web design and HTML                        (DreamWeaver)

                                               Web-based material development         (Quia.com)
                                               Word processing and spreadsheet        (Word, EGWord, Excel)