Miok D. Pak


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Educational Background:

B.A. in English language and Literatures, Ewha Woman’s University, Seoul, Korea; M.A. in English Linguistics, Ewha Woman’s University, Seoul, Korea; Ph.D. in Theoretical Linguistics, Georgetown university, Washington DC in 2001 

Research Appointment:

Postdoctoral Research Fellowship, Georgetown University, 2003-2005 

Teaching experience:

Ewha Woman’s University, Georgetown University, The George Washington University, Northern Virginia Community College (English Reading Comprehension, Korean, Introduction to Language, Language and Brain, Readings in Modern Korean) 

Recent Publications:

Pak, M. To appear. Agreement and the Subjects of Jussive Clauses in Korean. In the proceedings of 37th North East Linguistic Society. (joint work with Paul Portner and Raffaella Zanuttini) 

Pak, M. 2006. Agreement in Korean Syntax: A Case of Sentence Final Particles. Susumo Kuno et al. (eds.) Harvard International Symposium on Korean Linguistics XI. p. 548-561. Seoul. Hanshin. (Joint work with Kim-Renaud, Young-Key) 

Pak, M. 2006. Jussive Clauses and Agreement of Sentence Final Particles in Korean. Vance, Tim and J. Kim (eds.), Japanese/Korean Conference 14. p. 295-306.  

Pak, M. 2005. Clause Typing in Imperatives: A Cross-Linguistic Perspective. Brandstetter, C. and D. Rus (eds.), Georgetown University Working Papers in Theoretical Linguistics. (Joint work with Simon Mauck, Paul Portner, and Raffaella Zanuttini) 

Research interest:

Research area includes syntax, semantics, morphology, pedagogy, and second language acquisition. Current research is on Clause types, specifically imperatives, exhortatives, and promissives in Korean. I am currently working on a paper on syntax and semantics of Korean clause type Jussives with Profs. Raffaella Zanuttini and Paul Portner at Georgetown University.