Promoting Local Bed and Breakfasts to Japanese Tourists Visiting the

DC-Metropolitan Area

Japanese Brochure-Making Module in the GW-CIBER

JAPN 122W Spring 2009

Mitsuyo Sato ( and Shoko Hamano (



The goal of this module was to produce Japanese brochures promoting Washington DC-Metropolitan area Bed and Breakfast inns (B&B) for Japanese tourists and to distribute them to local Japanese businesses and organization for promotional purposes.


In achieving this goal it was expected that the project would give students an opportunity to apply their language skills to a tangible business task outside the classroom while providing service to local businesses and enhancing the sense of community between the local community and a university classroom.


The students would also learn common hospitality-industry vocabulary and expressions as well as cultural differences between American B&B and minshuku, a Japanese equivalent of B&B.


Further, it was hoped that through corresponding with Japanese professionals and preparing commercial brochures the students would improve their skills with the Japanese honorific language, an essential component of Business Japanese.




Japanese 122 (Advanced Conversation & Composition II) is a 3-credit course for fourth-year Japanese students. The students must have taken Japanese 121 (Advanced Conversation & Composition I) or must have spent at least a semester in Japan and demonstrate an equivalent ability in conversation and writing skills.


The class focuses on productive skills at the extended discourse level and topic-specific practice on commonly used speech patterns and writing formats.


The class met twice a week for one hour and 15 minutes between January 13 and April 28, 2009 for 15 weeks.


Time Table


The project took the first 5 weeks of the Spring Semester (January 13 to February 17, 2009) and one additional day for group presentations of the brochures.


Participants in the Project



Instructor Preparation


Before this module started, the instructor did the preparations in the following areas:

For class instruction


For the brochures


Finding reviewers of the brochres


Identifying outlets for the brochures


StudentsÕ Tasks



Class Schedule




Quiz, Composition, Assignment


Explain overview of the project. Reading 1 (various types of accommodations in Japan (ホテルと旅館の違い and 民宿とは from ウィキペディア 全日本百科全書). Discuss the difference and similarity of B&B and minshuku. Discuss various types of accommodations in America (e.g. hotel, B&B, motel, guest house). Make a list of words which are used frequently on minshuku website (宿ネット(, 楽天トラベル ペンション・民宿予約( ぶらり日本の旅 旅館・民宿・ホテル検索( The words list was categorized under Facilities, Sightseeing, Money,Transportation, Contact, Food, Frequently-used verbs and Others (handout)

Vocabulary Quiz from Reading 1


Reading 2 (observation on hotels in America from a Japanese who works in American hotels, 私が見たアメリカのホテルHotel in USA (

Vocabulary Quiz from Reading 2


Discuss sightseeing places in DC to include in
brochure. Each group decides contents of brochure. Each group starts to make the first draft of the brochure

Each group starts to make the first draft of the brochure


Learn how to write a formal letter in Japanese (handout). Review Japanese honorifics

Composition Assignment: write an email to introduce yourself to a Japanese professional (rewrite after the instructorʼs correction)


Peer-review the first draft of the brochure

Redo the first draft based on peer-review


Presentation of the final draft of the brochure

Composition Assignment: write a formal letter to a Japanese organization (rewrite after the instructorʼs correction)


Product Samples


Brochure 1

  image003.png image005.png


Brochure 2

image008.png  image010.png


Brochure 3

image012.png  image014.png


Brochure 4

image016.png image018.png


Brochure 5

image020.png  image022.png


Brochure 6

image024.png  image026.png


Brochure 7

image028.png  image030.png