Training Programs

The Minerva Program

Minerva, the goddess of Wisdom, would surely agree: Excellence in private sector management demands excellence in public sector management, in any economy or country. The Minerva Program helps participants, who come from various government ministries and agencies, master concepts in economics, finance, economic policy-making, regulation, and public ethics. The program provides a unique opportunity for civil servants to upgrade their knowledge of public administration and to acquire the economic expertise necessary to advance public-private cooperation. Upon completion of the program, participants return to their respective agencies more knowledgeable and better equipped to do their jobs having mastered the tools necessary to accelerate economic progress in the 21st century. Almost without exception, “Minervistas” have quickly advanced in their careers, some to the highest level of their respective agencies. For more information on the Minerva Program click here.

Regulatory Program

This two week intensive course aims to enhance government official’s knowledge of regulatory requirements and processes. The course instructs officials in the underlying principles and practices of regulation. Participants attend lectures and presentations by experts on regulation issues. Topics include “Combating Corruption in the Regulatory Process” and “U.S. Antitrust Policies.” In addition, participants visit government regulatory agencies such as the Federal Communications Commission and the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission as well as private organizations that deal with regulatory issues. After attending this program, participants return to their country having received practical advice and an international perspective on different regulatory philosophies and policies that they can apply in their own country.

Anti-Corruption Program

This two week intensive course is devoted to building government personnel's knowledge of how to combat corruption. Topics covered in this program include: The American System of Criminal Justice, The Social Costs of Corruption, and Implementing the Inter-American Convention on Corruption. Participants also visit U.S. government agencies and non-governmental organizations devoted to combating corruption such as The Department of Justice, The Office of Governmental Ethics, The Government Accountability Office and Trace International, Inc. After completing this program, participants return to their home country having bolstered their knowledge by studying anti-corruption methodologies and policies used by governmental agencies and NGO's in the U.S. they can now apply many of these ideas in their own country.

Institutional Capacity-Building Programs

Customized training for government officials and private sector policy makers presenting specialized training courses on competition policy, regulatory issues, health service provision, second generation reform, and small and medium sized enterprise issues. Courses offered include:

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