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CLAI offers an active program of public forums throughout the academic year. CLAI forums generally are open to the public, and attendance at most events is free of charge. Among topics recently covered were national elections in many of the countries in Latin America; hemispheric and regional trade negotiations; and selected country economic outlooks.

If you would like CLAI to alert you to upcoming events, please send an e-mail to Provide your full name, institutional affiliation (if any), occupational title (e.g., student, analyst, VP for sales, etc.), email address, and phone number.

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Recent CLAI Events


November 27, 2012
Panel Discussion: "Extrahemispheric Influeneces in Latin America"

September 27, 2012
Panel Discussion: "The New Mexican Government and its Prospects"


May 8 to 10, 2011
14th Western Hemisphere Security Colloquium: Transforming Public Security on the Americas

April 15, 2011
The Energy Situation in Brazil

April 5, 2011
Mexico's Economic Recovery and the Contribution of the Banking System


December 9, 2010
Zones of Impunity: The Security Situation on Both Sides of the Mexico-U.S. Border

November 18, 2010
Brazil's Foreign Policy: Present and Future

October 25 to November 5, 2010
5th Brazilian Regulatory Program

October 20, 2010
Brazil's Security Strategy and Defense Doctrine

September 25 to October 3, 2010
University of Chile MBA Program

September 6 to 17, 2010
Brazilian Anti-Corruption Program

June 21 to July 2, 2010
4th Brazilian Regulatory Program

June 29, 2010
Plan Colombia and The Mérida Initiative: Comparatives and Lessons Learned

April 29, 2010
Rethinking Haiti: Illuminating a Path Toward Sustainable Growth and Development

March 15 to 26, 2010
3rd Brazilian Regulatory Program

February 24, 2010
Mexico's Financial System and the Impact of the Global Recession

January 26, 2010
Strengthening U.S. - Brazil Relations in 2010: A Conversation with Maurício Rands



November 2- 13, 2009
Brazilian Regulatory Program

October 18- 20, 2009
FIPSE-CAPES Annual Meeting
Annual meeting of the Fund for the Improvement of Post Secondary Education (FIPSE) and Coordenação de Aperfeicoamento de Pessoal de Nível Superior (CAPES).

August 26, 2009
Book Forum: Criminals, Militias and Insurgents: Organized Crime in Iraq

June 23, 2009
The Caribbean: Challenges to Governance and Security

June 8, 2009
The Future of Inter-American Relations: A Dialogue with
Albert Ramdin and Thomas Shannon

(Hear audio)

May 15, 2009
Whither Mexico?
A Colloquium

April 7, 2009
"An Agenda for the Americas"
A Symposium

February 25, 2009
Book Forum: "Affairs of State: The Interagency Process and National Security"

January 29, 2009
Transnational Criminal Organizations in the Americas: Responding to the Growing Threat

Earlier Events