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CLAI offers an active program of public forums throughout the academic year. CLAI forums generally are open to the public, and attendance at most events is free of charge. Among topics recently covered were national elections of the many countries in Latin America; hemispheric and regional trade negotiations; and selected country economic outlooks.

If you would like CLAI to alert you to upcoming events, please send an e-mail to listing your full name, institutional affiliation (if any), occupational tittle (e.g., student, analyst, VP for sales, etc.), email address and phone number.


Upcoming Events

May 15, 2009
Whither Mexico?
From unremitting drug-related gang violence; to economic distress brought on by the global financial meltdown; to a public health epidemic that threatens to wreak havoc with the country’s vital travel and tourism industry, Mexican institutions face unparalleled challenges. Can they cope? Can Mexico weather these concurrent storms? What are the implications for public policy and for regional and hemispheric security? These are some of the questions that our expert panel will consider when they convene on May 15.

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Prestigious "Minerva" Program Now Open to All Countries in Latin America and the Caribbean

Since 1994, CLAI has offered its Minerva training program to public servants from Brazil. The program helps participants, who come from various government ministries and agencies, to master concepts in economics, finance, economic policy-making, regulation, and public ethics. "Minervistas" return to their respective agencies more knowledgeable and better equipped to do their jobs. Almost without exception, returned participants have quickly advanced in their careers, some to the highest level of their respective agencies. Convinced that the other countries in the region could benefit from Minerva in the same way that Brazil has, CLAI has opened up the program to midlevel public servants from all countries in Latin America and the Caribbean.

For more information on Minerva, please click on the links below, or contact CLAI at, or by phone at (202) 994-5205.

Minerva Program Summary

Resumen del Programa Minerva (Español)

Minerva Brazil Website


Recent Events


November 30, 2007
Brazil's Energy Outlook

November 7, 2007
Democracy is Not Enough: Latin America at a Crossroads of Instability and Opportunity

November 6, 2007
The Challenges Facing the Ortega Government

October 18, 2007
Bolivia's Hydrocarbon and Economic Reforms: Achievements and Challenges

April 18, 2007
Hemispheric Perspectives: The Situation in Colombia
A Colloquium

April 11-13, 2007
Energy Trade and Investment Mission to Peru

March 6, 2007
Parapolitics and Human Rights in Colombia
An Evening with Senator Gustavo Petro and Carlos Rodriguez Mejia
(Hosted by the GW Latin American and Hemispheric Studies Program)


Past Events