Rethinking Haiti: Illuminating a Path Toward Sustainable Growth and Development

The earthquake that struck Haiti on January 12, 2010, wrought destruction of such magnitude that the Haitian people need to build their country anew, from the bottom up. Recognizing the inadequacy of past development efforts, a consensus is emerging that Haiti has an opportunity to forge a new strategy to help launch it on a path toward sustainable growth and development. To explore the issues, a panel of experts representing diverse viewpoints and stakeholder interests convened at a roundtable discussion at The George Washington University.

Video footage of the conference is available in six parts:

Dean Susan Phillips welcome and opening remarks
Overview: Albert Ramdin, Assistant Secretary General OAS
Topic 1: Governance Issues in Haiti
Topic 2: Promoting Sustainable Economic Development in Haiti
Topic 3: Promoting Sustainable Social Development
Topic 4: External Assistance for Haiti



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