Zones of Impunity: The Security Situation on Both Sides of the Mexico-U.S. Border

The actions of drug gangs in Mexico continue to threaten the safety of the population in many regions of that country and pose a grave threat to the security of the Mexican state. Abetted by groups in the United States, the criminal organizations are making their presence increasingly felt in the United States as well. What are the sources of the problem? What are the respective governments doing to tackle it? What can they do, individually or collectively, to restore safety and security and end the impunity of the criminal gangs? These are some of the questions the speakers on this panel addressed at this colloquium.

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    The Merida Initiative, An Overview
    The Merida Initiative Aviation Program
    Fact Sheet: Law Enforcement Achievements
    Fact Sheet: Combating Money Laundering
    Fact Sheet: Combating Arms Trafficking
    Fact Sheet: The Four Pillars of Mérida
    Fact Sheet: A 21st Century Border Vision


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