Brazil's Security Strategy And Defense Doctrine
Featuring The Honorable Nelson Jobim, Minister of Defense of Brazil

Together with the Strategic Studies Institute of the US Army War College, CLAI sponsored a conference by the Brazilian Minister of Defense, Nelson Azevedo Jobim. The Minister presented a detailed description of Brazilís plans to modernize its military forces. These ambitious plans include the construction of several conventional submarines and one nuclear submarine, the purchase of a new wing of fighter jets and the establishment of 25 army posts along the countryís northwestern border to control movements in this forested, unsettled region. After the presentation, the Minister responded to several questions from the audience.

Minister Jobim, a distinguished jurist, has served as President of the Supreme Court of Brazil, and was Minister of Justice under President Fernando Henrique Cardoso. He has been a Member of Brazil’s lower house of Congress and has headed the Brazilian Democratic Movement Party. He became Brazil’s Minister of Defense in 2007.

Audio recording of Jobim's remarks




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