September 11

Ho, S.Y.W. and M. J. Phillips. 2009. Accounting for Calibration Uncertainty in Phylogenetic Estimation of Evolutionary Divergence Times. Syst. Biol. 58(3):367–380. (Daniel LumbanTobing)

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September 18 Character Evolution Review: Albert JS. Phylogenetic character reconstruction. In: Kaas JH, editor. Evolution of Nervous Systems. Vol. 1. Elsevier; London: 2007. pp. 41–53. General Discussion. (hardcopy available from D. Lipscomb)
September 25 Character Evolution 2
October 2 Mesquite Module for Character Evolution
October 9 Paleo Trees
October 16 Paleo Trees
October 23 Mesquite Module for Fossil Record
October 30 Systematics and Conservation
November 6 Systematics and Conservation
November 13 Tuatara (program)
November 20 Using the Cluster to run Mr. Bayes and POY
November 27 Thanksgiving Break