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Afghanistan Bibliography

This bibliography excel file icon developed out of a CIGA research project extending from 2001 to 2005. It highlights major sociopolitical and anthropological issues, actors, and government and non-government organizations, as related to the challenges posed to policy-makers and opinion leaders when rebuilding a virtually collapsed state. The bibliography includes references on the involvement of the United States and other nations with Afghan society and state-building projects and activities. CIGA Program Assistants Jessica Gibson and Patrick de Gategno compiled the research materials in the bibliography and wrote the annotations.

Religion and Public Policy Bibliography

This bibliography was started in 2005 and was continually updated until 2006. The goals of the Religion and Public Policy Annotated Bibliography P D F file icon are to bring greater attention to the role of contemporary religions in global affairs and policy, and to provide a resource for teachers and students to learn about the subject.

Culture, Risk, and Security Bibliographies

These bibliographies (2006 and 2007) M S Word file icon were produced by students in a George Washington University graduate-level course entitled Culture, Risk, and Security, during the Spring semesters of 2006 and 2007. The seminar, taught by Barbara Miller, focuses on special topics related to the complex relationship between cultural practices and beliefs and national security. Students produced these bibliographies as a final project for the course, and are credited within each document.

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