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Fall 2012 – Spring 2013

Mobility, Precarity and Empowerment in African Migration
May 23, 2013

Presentations and discussion offer a creative re-thinking of African migration and displacement in which movement is typically cast as a process of "rupture" in which disconnections, losses, and dilemmas receive the most attention, thus neglecting how migrants and migration transform social, economic, and political processes.

Jennifer M. Brinkerhoff, George Washington University
Jorgen Carling, Peace Research Institute Oslo
Lisa Cliggett, University of Kentucky
Loren Landau, Witwatersrand University
Stephen Lubkemann, George Washington University
Martin Murray, University of Michigan
Bruce Whitehouse, Lehigh University

Co-sponsored by the Social Science Research Council and several programs at GW: CIBER, IFER, CIGA, IGIS, the Diaspora Program, and the Africana Studies Program

Tibetan Language Policy and Practice as a Challenge of Governance: Shifting Minority Policy Orientations in the People's Republic of China
January 25th, 2013

Manla Kyi will speak about China's changing policy toward minority languages. She will focus on the case of the Tibetan language and policy about the language of instruction in schools. Kyi is a doctoral candidate at the University of Hong Kong.

Co-sponsored with the Global Policy Forum

Machik Weekend
November 2-4, 2012

Machik Weekend is an annual gathering in Washington DC that brings together a diverse community of people who support Machik's mission to incubate social innovation in Tibet. It provides a unique forum for conversation, exploration and action for people who share a passion both for the ideals of service and civic engagement as well as for the Tibetan people, their land and their culture.

Through roundtables and informal discussions, participants share their experiences and learn about the broader issues at stake in the project of social engagement. Guest speakers spotlight themes such as education and social entrepreneurship, and provide their reflections on challenges facing Tibet in a wider global context. Above all, Machik Weekend is a meeting of inspired individuals who share a common concern for our collective global future.

Co-sponsored with the Global Gender Program

Wall Street Women: An Ethnographic View by Melissa S. Fisher
October 18, 2012

Melissa Fisher draws on fieldwork, archival research, and extensive interviews with a very successful cohort of first-generation Wall Street women. She charts the evolution of the women's careers, the growth of their political and economic clout, changes in the cultural climate on Wall Street, and their experiences of the 2008 financial collapse.

Co-sponsored with the Global Gender Program

Resilience and Vulnerability: Weathering Climate Shocks in Coastal Belize by Dr. Sara Alexander
September 13, 2012

Sara Alexander is an applied social anthropologist whose research focuses on livelihood security and vulnerability, food security, ecotourism, natural resource management, human dimensions of climate change, and the HIV/AIDS pandemic. She recently completed a two-year field study, funded by NOAA, in several coastal communities in the Meso American Barrier Reef System to examine a resilience of vulnerable households to climate-related events and shocks. These data are being used to develop a Resiliency Index.

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