Volume 9, Issue 4, Fall 1999

Up Front

Youth Violence: An "Over-Determined" Problem
Amitai Etzioni

Opportunistic Federalism?
E. J. Dionne Jr.

Animal Abuse Meets Rights Abuse
John Leo


Combining Value Pluralism and Moral Universalism: Isaiah Berlin and Beyond Hans Joas
Avoiding the slippery slope down to moral relativism is a challenge facing much of modern political philosophy. Can Isaiah Berlin provide any guidance?

Community and the Corner Store: Retrieving Human Scale Commerce
Alan Ehrenhalt
Lesson one of the new economy: Face-to-face commerce is very expensive. So is losing it.

Social Responsibility and the Legal Profession: Making Pro Bono Mandatory?
Deborah L. Rhode
What is the best way to foster professional responsibility? Or, for that matter, social responsibility generally?

Defending the "American People"
Anna Greenberg
Behind the American public's ignorant, fickle, and irrational facade, is there a hidden genius?


An R.C. Document

An Appeal to Hollywood

The Community Bookshelf

Legal Ethics and "Real" Ethics
Jonathan Groner
Review of Richard Zitrin and Carol M. Langford's The Moral Compass of the American Lawyer: Truth, Justice, Power, and Greed.

Individual, Community, and Humanity: Marrying Liberalism and Republicanism
Ronald Beiner
Review of Richard Dagger's Civic Virtues: Rights, Citizenship, and Republican Liberalism.

What Men Need from Marriage
Linda J. Waite
Review of Steven L. Nock's Marriage in Men's Lives.

Especially Noted

The Community's Pulse

The Moral Dimension of Movies

Where Have You Gone Hildy Johnson?
William Powers
A look at the way journalists are portrayed in the movies.

Libertarians, Authoritarians, Communitarians
Rachel Mears



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