Volume 9, Issue 3, Summer 1999

Up Front

A Cultural Revolution in Juvenile Violence?
Jack Levin

Rebuilding Communities from Within
E. J. Dionne Jr.


Identity Politics and the Liberalism of Difference: Missing the Big Picture
Thomas Spragens Jr.
Having invaded the academy and now moving on to the body politic, the liberalism of difference is ripe for a deconstruction.

Beyond the Nation-State
Václav Havel
The bright star of the nation-state, the primary political and social actor of the 20th century, is fading. What will take over the functions it is relinquishing?

The Evangelical Family Paradox: Conservative Rhetoric, Progressive Practice
W. Bradford Wilcox and John P. Bartkowski
Are evangelical parents more likely than others to spank their children? How do evangelical husbands compare when it comes to household chores and helping out with the kids?

Pediatric Bioethics: Reintroducing the Parents
Lainie Friedman Ross
A 15-year-old can't buy liquor, can't vote, and can't even drive. But according to bioethicists, she should be able to make life and death decisions.

Community Corporations: Engines for a New Place-Based Economics
Michael H. Shuman
Ever-increasing corporate mobility forces local governments to grovel and leaves workers insecure. What is to be done?

Co-Housing: The Challenge of Building New Communities
Linton Weeks
Clustered residences. Shared chores. A few required meetings. Some jointly decided restrictions on the individual. A recipe for community?

The Pros and Cons of Domestic Disarmament
David B. Kopel and Christopher C. Little
Current gun control proposals are too timid to make a difference. So do we need much more or much less?


The Community Bookshelf

Privacy as Privilege
Jonathan Kirsch

Balancing Privacy and the Common Good: The Devil Is in the Details
Ronald Bayer

Two reviews of Amitai Etzioni's The Limits of Privacy.

Globalization versus the Status Quo in Germany
Jens Beckert

Review of Warnfried Dettling's Wirtschaftskummerland? Wege aus der Globalisierungsfalle.

The Moral Dimension of Movies

The Battle of Good versus Evil
Mary Henderson

The Real Menace
Alexander Theroux

Opposing views on Star Wars.

Libertarians, Authoritarians, Communitarians

Research Note: The Spreading of Communitarianism

Kaleidoscope: Japan's Lolita Trade-A Decline in Business?

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